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"It would clearly help if the driving age were raised. But it never has gained any traction in most places to simply raise the age."
"CPSC [also] recommends that kids under the age of 6 should never be allowed on a trampoline, period. We're also telling the industry they need to make sure that the shock absorbing pads are put on the springs all the way around the trampoline,"
"They're more likely than younger drivers to die in their crashes because of their fragility and their age. They're more likely to die in a crash a younger person would survive."
"About 13 percent of [city] accidents involve people changing lanes and crashing into the car next to them."
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"In 2004 we went and observed student parking lots and half the cars were cars the institute does not recommend,"
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"There are more rollover deaths now than there used to be. And that's entirely due to more SUVs on the road."
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"SUVs are absolutely not a good choice for a teenager, ... The bottom line is you don't have to buy a tank to get good safety."
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"Graduated licensing has been the only thing that has worked."
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"They are very effective. Research around the world shows that they cut down on speeding."
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"The roads are definitely safer, but the progress we were making has stalled. Part of the problem is that many of the gains we've seen in making safer vehicles, getting more people to buckle up, reducing alcohol-impaired driving — many of those gains have been offset by things we haven't dealt with effectively, and speed is one of those things."
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"When you have a teen passenger in the vehicle with a teen driver, the risk of a crash is twice as high. If you have two or more teen passengers in a vehicle the risk can be five times as high."
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"The biggest potential from the standpoint of safety researchers is that we would be able to get much more extensive and potentially more accurate information of what happens in real crashes."
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"These vehicles are among the cream of the crop for mid-sized cars in terms of safety performance."
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