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9 Nicky Hayden quotes:

"I'm so happy to be to be on the podium,"
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"I enjoyed running at that pace, I tried to just hang on to Valentino,"
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"Things are steadily coming better, but I'm having problems with a few places on the track."
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"I'm so happy to be to be on the podium today. Before the race things weren't going to plan. In the morning warm-up we were so slow and were in real trouble. My guys made some changes and I have to be real grateful to them as they got it right and that's why I got third. The bike was so much better in the race than it had been all weekend - so much faster."
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"We've improved the machine, found some good tires and I think I've improved my riding as well over these past two days."
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"I'm looking forward to this end part of the season, ... Riding the bike in Japan for a factory Honda rider is a real honour. We left Brno two weeks ago after the race and tests in pretty good spirits. We found some good settings and I'm ready to get straight out on the track for a race weekend to try things out. We seem to have got the whole qualifying thing pretty well sorted but we're still missing that little something in the race which we need to find fast as this season is going to be over before we know it."
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"Definitely it was quite fun. When it?s like that, the bike?s working, the bike has got grip, and the lap comes together, it?s a lot of fun to ride the bike like that. Really enjoyed it."
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"I was hoping to go under (one minute) 29.5 and it is quite fun when the bike is working and the lap comes together,"
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"The race is always what's important. Qualifying now is so important. You have so many riders, so close together. The way the grid is it's really important to qualify well. The bike feels so much better today than yesterday. We didn't change anything major - just a few little things to get it to steer and get my confidence up to where I can ride it. That last lap was fun. Michelin qualifiers around here… you can hang it out and go for it. When you've got that grip you just kind of open the throttle and go for it. I feel like with a good start we can be right in there with the boys."
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