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4 Joe Bryant quotes:

"It really wasn't (enough), the cost of injury and the cost of accidents have increased so much that those numbers are antiquated. I've seen numerous cases where someone gets in an accident and their $5,000 insurance is not enough and they owe a large additional amount."
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"I told Elizabeth, 'I wish I could go back to bed and wake up and it would be a bad dream,' ... I even asked her if she thought it would work. If I went back to sleep, it would be a bad dream."
Author: Bryant Quotes Category: Bed Quotes
"We used to go to the playground and, of course, (Kobe) wanted to shoot the basket. But all the kids wanted to play soccer. So he had to play soccer with Italian kids. He used to be a good goalie."
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"I'm very excited and a championship is on our mind."
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