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"Today's result was obviously a disappointing way to end the season. We lost out under the first safety car when we pitted and the safety car was in front of us. It should have waved us past but it didn't. Montoya and I sat behind it and it was then that I lost about three places. But my thoughts are already turning to 2006 and I think we have a lot to look forward to."
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"There was no point in the race when we could have gone quicker. It's good to get on the podium. We've got a bit of work to do to catch up."
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"He didn't design the car,"
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"As for beautiful women, I think there are many,..."
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"It's going to be tough for the drivers and engine, its never easy to race in this circuit. It will be very hot and very humid, I think we are very well prepared for tomorrow."
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"I would like to thank Frank Williams for accommodating a compromise to what was a binding contract,"
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"If it's raining like that on Sunday it would be too wet [to race]."
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"It's fantastic to be back on the podium and I have to thank the team for their incredibly hard work to get us back into the game here. The first stint of the race wasn't easy. I had such bad oversteer I barely had to turn into the corners! At the first stop we adjusted the front wing which made things better but we were a little too optimistic in switching to drys so we had to come in again and change back to wets. Double stinting the tyres really made all the difference for us though. I have to thank the entire team and Michelin for making this result possible. The pitstops were great and the Honda engine was faultless all weekend. We have some new developments for the next few races so I'm feeling really positive. Let's hope we have a few more days like today before the end of the season."
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"Testing went really well this week, particularly taking into account the lack of running time in the mornings. I completed a lot of laps as we are focusing mainly on tire testing and reliability work at the moment."
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"We have talked and I think that it is going in the right direction for both of us, ... We both need to get this cleared up as soon as possible. We all want to get everything sorted out before the end of the year so that we can just concentrate on next season."
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"We had a very good race in Monza last year when we finished on the podium,"
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"Manic. The whole day's been manic with the weather. Rain, traffic, accidents. It was a hectic session. It was mad for us trying to get a lap time in."
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