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15 Mark Rosenker quotes:

"These findings clearly show that too many children age 12 and under are riding at risk in cars because they are not properly restrained in rear seats."
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"The increase in accidents is disappointing. But the decrease in total fatalities is a hopeful sign."
Author: Rosenker Quotes Category: Accidents Quotes
"The Safety Board believes that had an automatic train control system ... been in place at the time of the accidents, the accidents could have been avoided."
Author: Rosenker Quotes Category: Accidents Quotes
"Learning to drive and being distracted is a recipe for disaster."
Author: Rosenker Quotes Category: Disaster Quotes
"Learning how to drive while distracted is definitely a recipe for disaster."
Author: Rosenker Quotes Category: Disaster Quotes
"The very essence of the EMS mission is saving lives. Operating an EMS flight in an unsafe environment just makes no sense."
"We must do everything we can to reduce these needless deaths and we strongly believe that banning wireless communications devices for teen-agers learning to drive will help significantly."
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"It was unfortunate, careless behavior that left that switch misaligned,"
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"During takeoff, landing and turbulence, adults are required to be buckled up, baggage and coffee pots are stowed, computers are turned off and put away, yet infants and toddlers need not be restrained."
Author: Rosenker Quotes Category: Coffee Quotes
"The potential consequences of these fires can be catastrophic."
"We will be looking at all factors. The training, human factors, the history of this particular captain and the rules and regulations he operates under,"
Author: Rosenker Quotes Category: History Quotes
"Investigators will closely examine the maintenance records to determine any information that helps us understand the flight load history of the aircraft, any repairs made to this area of the wing or any other historical information that helps us determine the sequence of events that lead to this tragic accident."
Author: Rosenker Quotes Category: History Quotes
"We're not shooting from the hip here to hurt somebody because it seems expedient and that maybe it appears to be that way,"
Author: Rosenker Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"This is a delicate operation. There's a great deal of science to this type of recovery."
Author: Rosenker Quotes Category: Science Quotes
"The National Transportation Safety Board has made runway safety a top priority since 1990 and continues to encourage the FAA to develop and implement effective means for preventing runway incursions,"
Author: Rosenker Quotes Category: Safety Quotes

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