David Milch Quotes

5 David Milch quotes:

"I wouldn't let my kids watch my show until they reach a certain age,"
"Deadwood was a place created by a series of accidents. A kind of original sin."
Author: Milch Quotes Category: Accidents Quotes
"There is no law, and the discovery of what the institutions of order are in a society is what the show's all about."
Author: Milch Quotes Category: Discovery Quotes
"Deadwood. It requires some cooperation from God, but if he's willing, I'm willing."
Author: Milch Quotes Category: Cooperation Quotes
"It seems to me that the the portrayal of a minority in a position of authority, but without the substance of authority in fact is an image of the black person ... in his or her relationship to society at present,"
Author: Milch Quotes Category: Authority Quotes

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