James McKenzie Quotes

5 James McKenzie quotes:

"We do not feel on-site training is sufficient for our employees to avoid unnecessary accidents and potential loss of limb or life."
Author: McKenzie Quotes Category: Accidents Quotes
"We have the best support from patrons. At Christmas we have people bring stuff in here all the time and express their gratitude, and we really appreciate their support."
Author: McKenzie Quotes Category: Christmas Quotes
"People have a lot of misconceptions about the district. I just want to get the information out there so they know what is going on."
"My dad had a heart attack recently and we had to have an ambulance for him, I had to call for my wife too. We rely on the district just like everyone else."
Author: McKenzie Quotes Category: Heart Quotes
"...All that combined is a greater burden on him than we, as a state and society, can impose."
Author: McKenzie Quotes Category: Society Quotes

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