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"He's tremendously talented, he's really got some rare natural gifts. We felt really strongly about him, and it was more than how talented he was. He sees the field tremendously, he never makes the same mistake twice and he learns from all of them, and he's a tremendous competitor that knows how to win."
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"He was good when he got here, and he's getting better all the time. I was fortunate to land in a tremendous situation."
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"It always helps to surround yourself with talent."
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"Omar Jacobs is a really talented young man. The only problem we might have with him is in my meeting room. We'll have more MAC updates than any other place in the country. So it will be interesting between Ben, Charlie and Omar."
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"I know that when I went to work him out, (the Giants) put a hard rush on him. But Ben would have been good wherever he went. The difference is last year he had all he could handle just to know what we were doing. Last year we never could have done the game plan we had for Denver. Not even close."
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