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"To be counted out, and for our team to pretty much come together as we have against all the adversity, doubters, injuries ... we just worked hard every day. I couldn't be happier for my guys. We're a team. We're a family. We're sticking together."
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"There are no accidents in any NCAA Tournament. There are no accidents being a championship team. Because it is a one-and-done situation, there are no second chances, no easy games. What national championship team hasn't been accepted as the best team in the country?"
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"It's pretty much team chemistry and guys having faith in me."
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"It's because of our team chemistry, because of guys having faith in me, because of me having faith in me. I'm a guy who never gave up on myself. Being out there and just playing hard, it's finally paying off."
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"At least they're learning now instead of being thrown into the fire during tournament time, which makes a big difference."
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"I don't know what coach is going to say Monday, but whatever he says I'm going to be shooting free throws in practice. I usually can shrug off going 0-for-2, but, when I kept missing, it got pretty frustrating. I can't let that happen again."
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"If we had lost this game the way I shot free throws, I would never have forgiven myself. When it's all said and done, it doesn't matter how we won. We played great defense and we won, and that's how it's going down in the history books."
"I don't run from problems. The next week at practice I played with a sense of urgency. I wanted to prove myself."
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