Robert Kelly Quotes

5 Robert Kelly quotes:

"The girls were scared, to be honest. These girls have never been in this situation before. They tightened up, instead of just playing the ballgame."
Author: Kelly Quotes Category: Girls Quotes
"It's an important first step in admitting fault and recognizing that the coaches were responsible for what happened. These kids were on their watch,"
Author: Kelly Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"We got tired. Somehow, some way they found the strength to pick themselves back up."
Author: Kelly Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"My main job now is to steady the ship. Craig was popular with the players and with everyone else. I was part of the set-up and I am grateful Craig brought me in. It is a pity things didn't work out but now we all have to get on with it."
Author: Kelly Quotes Category: Job Quotes
"It was not a good time. You had to keep a sense of perspective, and that is what I will remember of that day, people lost their jobs, not that someone got it."
Author: Kelly Quotes Category: Perspective Quotes

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