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26 Glenn Danzig quotes:

"I just told you I wasn't a Satanist."
"Until the contract is signed, nothing is real."
"In Japan, they have TV sets in cars right now, where you can punch up traffic routes, weather, everything! You can get Internet access already in cars in Japan, so within the next 2 to 3 years it's gonna be so crazy!"
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"But when you get to a song, not only do you have to do a vocal melody, you have to write words and not be redundant and make some semblance of a story."
"We're doing Circle of Snakes, we open up with Skin Carver and we are throwing in Skull Forest later on."
"Whether I'm doing music or I'm walking down the street or I'm in a record store buying a record or I walk into a comic store and I'm buying comics or having a drink with my friends, it's the same me."
"You know I take music seriously, right? So I expect journalists to take being a journalist seriously."
"Comics wouldn't look the way they do right now - and some of the stories you're seeing - would not be the way they are if it wasn't for us."
"I got tired of complaining about this or that so I just decided to amass, in my opinion, the best artists and some of the best writers."
"We probably put about four or five comic books out a year and probably about two or three art books and various trade paperbacks - maybe four or five of those a year - and that's what we do now."
"We've had a lot of agencies try and sabotage our tour."
"But the Danzig unreleased stuff will be either a single or a double CD."
"I think the key to being a journalist is getting your subject to feel comfortable enough to talk about stuff they want to talk about and the stuff they like and don't like, and still feel comfortable about it."
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"I was bringing my attitude as a regular person 'cause this is my attitude."
"I wish the Libertarian Party would get more play in the media but they don't."
"Of course, I started really being a comics fan with the underground stuff in the '70s."
"We still have pretty good sales, especially for the art books."
"Yeah, now we publish whenever we feel like it."
"But unfortunately, I have to say, one out of every 100 interviews I do, I get a real journalist."
"I don't think there's a back lot here in Hollywood anymore that has those streets, like a French Quarter."

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