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11 Judd Gregg quotes:

"Like objects in the rear-view mirror, the impact of Social Security's looming crisis is closer than it appears."
Author: Gregg Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"This bill takes fiscally responsible steps to reduce the deficit, reduce spending that is on autopilot, and strengthen our economy, ... It is the first deficit reduction package in almost a decade, and probably the most important legislation to be considered this year."
"To protect our environment, our food supply and our health, I have been an opponent of the Clean Air Mercury Rule since it was first published,"
Author: Gregg Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Some might call this a novel approach for me, but I cannot sit back in good conscience while those in our society struggling to heat their homes are being left in the cold by oil companies,"
Author: Gregg Quotes Category: Conscience Quotes
"The driving force behind this effort is the federal deficit and the out-of-control spending that is pushing it increasingly higher. This bill takes fiscally responsible steps to reduce the deficit, reduce spending that is on autopilot and strengthen our economy,"
Author: Gregg Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"The government has made $44 trillion in promises we can't afford to keep. We must get serious now about our long-term budgetary problems, recognizing that the sooner we act, the less painful the choices will be."
Author: Gregg Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"Banks, health insurance companies, schools and employers often identify consumers ... We need to find ways to ensure that people's privacy and safety is protected by ensuring that the Social Security number, which is issued by the federal government, is not used to reveal to criminals personal and financial information about our citizens."
Author: Gregg Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"It's very hard to reduce the rate of growth of spending around here,"
Author: Gregg Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"This is a major step forward in the activity of fiscal responsibility,"
"This is a sweet victory."
Author: Gregg Quotes Category: Victory Quotes
"She was a very pleasant young woman. She might have kept it and for all I know it might have been the winning ticket,"
Author: Gregg Quotes Category: Women Quotes

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