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19 Paul O'Neill quotes:

"We are very pleased with our earnings performance for the first half of the year, since we have been able to more than offset a 16 percent drop in aluminum prices on the (London Metals Exchange) since the beginning of 1998, ... We look forward to the addition of Alumax in the next quarter and have been hard at work with Alumax employees to make the acquisition very beneficial to Alcoa customers and shareholders."
"I pray daily . . . for peace."
Author: O'Neill Quotes Category: Peace Quotes
"The U.S. economy has the potential to grow at 3 or 3.5 percent real growth for the indefinite future,"
"a sign of the growing strength of the anti-terror coalition."
Author: O'Neill Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"serious money is being blocked now."
Author: O'Neill Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"We are pleased with the quarter's results. Despite low aluminum prices - which are down 14 percent since the beginning of 1998 -- we have maintained strong earnings."
Author: O'Neill Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"from the very beginning."
Author: O'Neill Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"I think ... our economy will rebound into reasonable rates of growth as we move into next year, ... So I am optimistic."
"This report shows that if we follow the current law, including the revenue raising components ... then there is a prospect down the road that we cannot meet the obligations that you have made by law to the American people,"
Author: O'Neill Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"In our history we have seen times when there is a disconnect between the stock market and the fundamental productive power of our economy, ... The reality is that our economy remains solid, and our recovery is well under way."
Author: O'Neill Quotes Category: History Quotes
"If we're going to have a tax reduction ... I don't know why we wouldn't want it now, ... It won't hurt. We'll get ready for the next round of expansion in our economy."
Author: O'Neill Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"to assure ourselves that their problems were not going to get translated into larger problems for the U.S. and the world capital markets."
Author: O'Neill Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"We are pleased with the quarter's results, ... Despite low aluminum prices - which are down 14 percent since the beginning of 1998 -- we have maintained strong earnings."
Author: O'Neill Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"With our economy slowing, now is the time to boost consumer confidence with quick congressional action,"
Author: O'Neill Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"I think our economy is coming back,"
"with a view to ensuring that investors in all mortgage-backed securities are provided with the information that they should have."
"I didn't think this was worthy of me running across the street and telling the president. I don't go across the street and tell the president every time somebody calls me."
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"The company had a duty to inform its shareholders and its employees about things that were going on inside the company. That's not a federal government responsibility."
Author: O'Neill Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"If you look at the market as a forecaster of the future, the markets are now above where they were when we re-opened the markets on September the 17th,"
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