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"Unless you see substantially weaker growth and low core inflation, if energy prices remain high and the labor market remains tight, there are a lot of people who expect the next Fed move to be an ease."
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"There are still too many people that have let greed remain in control and have yet to succumb to fear. There are too many people calling bottoms all over the place. People are too worried about missing the v-shaped recovery than they are about losing money and losing it they have been."
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"It seemed to me that Wall Street analysts fired all their cannons this morning in defense of technology and look at the result. Some of these stocks will get bailed out if they significantly beat expectations over the coming weeks but I also suspect there may be some further warnings announced. We're at significant risk of companies guiding analysts lower in terms of the fourth quarter and next year."
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"I think we're in a full-blown mania, especially in the technology sector."
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"I think small investors should probably wait until valuations are more reasonable in the technology stocks."
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"We're just keeping some pressure on the more cyclical stocks which is adding to upside on the technology front. I suspect the recent beatings which have been somewhat controversial, in the sense that analysts are tugging in different directions, led some folks to decide to step into the fray. But it's just a lot of rotation."
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"There are a lot of conferences scheduled and there we'll get some (indicators) within the technology group."
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"It's just a minor piece of the puzzle, but it does show the continued strength of imports - an excessive demand is a problem for the Fed."
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"We got a little bit of a pop from the Supreme Court ruling. I think some of the strength we've seen was discounting a Bush presidency. Obviously the uncertainty was not what was hurting the Nasdaq -- earnings would be impacted by a slowing economy."
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"I think there was a lot of optimism built into the market that a soft landing is coming and the Fed will be easing. The decline in the unemployment rate cast doubt on that scenario happening. The Fed continues to be concerned about the potential for inflation if labor markets remain very tight."
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