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Bryan Williams Quotes

9 Bryan Williams quotes:

"That kind of difference is normally translated into a 20-to-30 percent reduction in risk of stroke, ... Those kinds of differences in pressure are not insignificant."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"In that case, that could be an issue when we go to program the election. We have no information that is in fact happening, but that is a legitimate question."
"No matter what equipment fails, voting will not be interrupted."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Voting Quotes
"We've tried to bring fun back to the game and the girls have latched on to us. We (Williams and assistant coach Tracy Ross) are seeing a lot of good things from these players."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"I'm not surprised, given the tape-recorded evidence. Detective Dave Callahan did a great job of giving him the opportunity to back out of the scheme."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"He can't read lips and doesn't know sign language. The only way he can communicate is by reading notes. He has a hard time reading, and a trial could take months."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Language Quotes
"They know their reputation is at stake."
"In this case, that is the appropriate action."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"For those voters who have any sort of curiosity or anxious feelings, there's plenty of opportunity to go ahead and [take part in a demonstration]. If any voter does not do it and their first experience is on Election Day, those voters will have no problem voting."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Curiosity Quotes

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