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Mark Wasserman Quotes

6 Mark Wasserman quotes:

"I drive all over Indio looking for problems so that we stay out of your column. Our crew will take care of it, get rid of it, I didn't know it was there. It is a county facility but it's right next to City Hall, I'm very upset, we've been out of your column for a long time."
Author: Wasserman Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"The city is safer than it has been in several years. We've got a police department that is doing a great job."
Author: Wasserman Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"The development is here. The (city is) certainly feeling the impact. With the tremendous growth we've experienced, we need to build roads, public buildings."
Author: Wasserman Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"Our priorities right now are land acquisition for parks and renovating existing parks."
Author: Wasserman Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"We're talking about annexing all this land. It has potential to impact the development."
Author: Wasserman Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"She's a dedicated employee. We're very lucky to have her. She fits in well. Her background brings a different perspective to the planning department. That kind of international experience is vital."

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