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"Typically, when you have an air disaster, travel falls off for a week or 10 days. This is mind-boggling on a number of levels."
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"Over the past several weeks, companies have been getting nervous. Earlier they figured their competitors were also staying home, but now they're worried that competitors are putting a couple people back over there and they want to get back there soon."
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"The airlines' financial woes are not being caused by lack of leisure travelers,"
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"It's nothing but a lost opportunity as they drag this out and frustrate travelers, for some of whom this is a real burden, ... If this were some mundane issue, it's not a surprise this would drag on. But to fall on something that so touches the individual travelers is a serious mistake. Each of them go out and tells 10 people, and they all tell 10 people. It's very bad form and publicity."
"I think the days of their being an eight- or ten-fold difference between business and leisure fares are limited."
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"I expect that leisure fares (for the major carriers) could go up 15 or 20 percent."
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"The security build-up has practically doubled the amount of time it takes for checking in at airports."
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"It's a little early to see the impact now. Companies are now just beginning to form committees. But there is a tension in a lot of companies, ... Until the headline reads 'Human-to-human transmission,' there's no reason to trigger those changes in travel policy. But if that happens, we could end up with a lot fewer airlines globally. I think as we see images of airport quarantine rooms, people will get message that flying isn't a good idea."
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"We swam all through the night and successfully completed one length in 14 hours and four minutes but the conditions were so bad we couldn't go on,"
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"Business travelers and companies that fund the travel have been through the drill, they're a bit jaundiced (about code levels) at this point."
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"Security lines are nowhere near the issue they were in the months after 9/11, so I'm not sure how much demand there will be for such a product."
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