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12 Jane Harman quotes:

"Today's agreement by the White House and congressional leaders means that interrogators will be given clear, unambiguous rules to follow. The fog of law is finally lifting. America's moral black eye is finally healing."
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"We want to keep the bad guys out of our country, ... We want to identify them and keep them out, and we want to find them if they're already here. And we did a bad job of that on 9/11."
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"It is appropriate to insist on an overall strategy for space architecture and to face tough decisions, ... Boeing management readily admits that mistakes were made on this program. But those mistakes are now corrected and I remain hopeful that a well-managed program will ultimately move forward."
"It clearly is not a pretty picture. I commend the Army for taking a hard, comprehensive look at how soldiers behave towards each other."
"Maybe it's my 15 minutes of fame, maybe it's longer."
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"It's clear the Intelligence Community must do more to make diversity in hiring and retention of minority employees a high priority for all agencies."
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"couldn't get the secretary of defense to stop his opposition, which has been ongoing for months and which emboldened some of these House folks to dig in."
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"I would hope we could address [the issues] factually and on a bipartisan basis, but at the moment I don't have a lot of confidence in it,"
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"Our interrogators have become risk-averse, ... Someone interrogating a detainee is afraid they'll find himself on the front page. ... I want our interrogations to yield the best possible information. ... That's why we need a legal framework."
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"Twelve sick, sadistic kids could not have acted alone,"
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"This requires a digital management system of the highest caliber,"
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"As of yesterday, the report was still 'working its way' up the chain of command to senior Pentagon leaders, ... This is highly disturbing and raises questions about how seriously the administration and the White House were taking these allegations."

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