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"[The EU executive will] at technical...level find out what the truth is in these stories, ... In that sense, we will check the accuracy of those reports..then further define our stance."
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"The Copenhagen criteria are rather clear. I don't think the existence of secret prisons would be compatible with that."
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"If German citizens, for example, who are vacationing in France, get robbed there, they can -- together with German courts -- apply for compensation from the French authorities."
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"All EU citizens should benefit from the Visa Waiver Program, just as all U.S. citizens benefit from visa-free entry into the European Union."
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"I think the statements by the Romanian and Polish authorities are crystal clear. All of those official declarations deny the existence of such possible prisons. We do not see any reason now to ask for further clarification at this point in time. Having said that, we will continue to monitor the situation."
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