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Daniel Waldschmidt Quotes

9 Daniel Waldschmidt quotes:

"Courage is the whisper in the moment of despair that says: "I must go on..."
"If you have to give up, give up your fear."
"There is no middle ground when taking the hill. You either stay in the foxhole or fight to the finish. Turning back just gets you shot in the back - and no one wants to finish as a coward."
"It's not what you are willing to do that will make you successful. It's what you are willing to do WITHOUT until you get there."
"They say don't look down in life. That's just not reality. Sometimes you have to look straight into the abyss where danger, pain, and frustration seem likely to crush your dreams. You must continue forward. This is the moment where you choose your destiny."
"The path to full potential travels through the valley of set-backs..."
"You CAN be all you imagine yourself to be. You WILL be everything you believe you are worth being."
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"If today was the day you were finally going to win, did you show up?"
"Failure tests your dedication to excellence."

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