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Fred Funk Quotes

8 Fred Funk quotes:

"Sometimes, when a guy is in that zone, it's like he's playing a different golf course than the rest of us. Usually it's Tiger. But (yesterday) it was Stephen Ames."
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"As the game has progressed to what I consider a pure power game, this golf course still stands up. It's a position golf course, and it's a penal golf course. If you miss it off-line, you're penalized big-time."
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"I guess it's the golf course. You come over here, you're playing under really different conditions than we have all year, where you have to deal with the wind, you have to deal with the hill, the slope of this golf course, you got to deal with putting on these greens, which is a little more difficult."
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"The wins and the achievements are shallow victories compared with what you do, or what you feel, when you can help someone else, and to see the impact. It was great to win The Players Championship. It was great to be in the top 30, and be on the winning team at the Presidents Cup. But it doesn't feel nearly as good as how it felt today."
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"My worry was I'd get shut out, especially after wearing a skirt,"
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"I've never been able to overpower a golf course, but now it's getting to be a joke where the guys are hitting the ball. It's just making it much more difficult to compete out here. So it's really a roundabout way of trying to explain I'm kind of confused of what to do right now."
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"It was fine. I struggled a bit with ball striking. I had some opportunities I took advantage of, but I missed a couple and made some good saves. I played pretty solid. I've just got to play my game and get it in the right position."
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"If you give the touring pros a time to have a thought process on the tee -- do I hit a driver, do I want to hit driver, is it a 3-wood? -- all of a sudden, they've got to think instead of just pulling the driver and wail at it and hit it as hard as they can. And that creates a little more tension, a little more anxiety for the guys, and if you're not on your game, you're not going to perform as well."
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