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"It is not surprising in the least that a president from Texas would nominate an SMU graduate to the Supreme Court, ... It would have been surprising for JFK."
Author: Garrow Quotes Category: Graduation Quotes
"Almost certainly on the table here is an awful lot more than the federal partial-birth ban."
Author: Garrow Quotes Category: Birth Quotes
"Much of her behavior of the past 15 years — all the crass or embarrassing commercial uses of his name or image — has its roots in the sense of privation she experienced when he was alive. Not only did they not have any money, but Doc did not believe in spending money on the family and the household. He would spend money on food, good hotels, good suits, but that was about it."
Author: Garrow Quotes Category: Behavior Quotes
"I don't think where someone's law degree is from is necessarily a hindrance, ... There is an advantage to going to Harvard or Yale or Chicago."
Author: Garrow Quotes Category: Advantage Quotes
"The evidence in this poll suggests that race relations in America may be distinctly better than most of us think they are, ... Bearing the Cross."
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