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Mayor O'Reilly Quotes

6 Mayor O'Reilly quotes:

"I need more information about how it got where it was."
"I hope we won't have to make any major changes. If you're going to build it, we might as well bite the bullet and do it right the first time."
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"The whole idea is to require property, building and land-use development decisions to be made with the best practices available to them at the time."
Author: O'Reilly Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"There is still a possibility about the [land] assemblage. There is a possibility that we can pull this together and move forward."
Author: O'Reilly Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"The lawsuit challenges the taxpayer money being used. But, they started out saying the town was wrong in approving the conditional use permit. They have now shifted their argument to focus on the expenditure of taxpayer funds."
Author: O'Reilly Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"I'm delighted he's been given the opportunity to fulfill, what I have been told is a lifelong dream, to become a police chief of a small town. But, I'm also a little saddened that we won't have him as often in our community as he's been over the last 30-some years."

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