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34 Paul Dergarabedian quotes:

"You have to look at who's online, who's the audience for the movie. For this movie, it's a perfect choice because it will appeal to younger audiences."
"The way that younger audiences are consuming their entertainment is totally changing. There have to be innovative ideas brought to bear."
"What [Maya] is doing here is a good idea. If [Mr. Esparza] can pack them in, bring in the audience, it's good for the industry. I think it's these visionaries that are ultimately going to help the industry and save the day by taking the risks and spending the money, and I think audiences will respond."
"The themes Tyler Perry presents resonate very strongly with the black community. It reminds me of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding.' It has elements of comedy and drama and community that just definitely works."
"as each group grows, each group ages with their stars. Without a doubt, an aging population will provide more opportunities for older actresses."
"It's probably going to be bigger than X2. X2: X-men United."
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"Trying to take lessons from this summer is going to be like trying to capture lightning in a bottle, ... because it's all changing all the time. By next summer, who knows where audience habits and tastes will be?"
"Concerns like this can apply to any movie with violence, though 'Get Rich' may get a little more scrutiny because of the reputation of the star. But all this does, really, is serve to create a mythology around the movie. It may create a mystique around it and make it a success, similar to 50 Cent's musical persona."
"This is a buzz type of movie. Like 'Wedding Crashers,' it's one of those that just begs for repeat viewings and for people to tell their friends about it. It's sufficiently outrageous to get people talking it up and to continue to bring in an audience."
"This was not a weekend destined to be a blockbuster weekend. Really, really slow. Audiences seemed somewhat indifferent again. That's the scary part for the industry. It really takes a lot to get them out there to see a movie. It seems like any competition, like baseball, really cuts in big-time."
"If you can't get audiences in there for movies, maybe this will help. It's great for using downtime if people like the concept."
"But ultimately, they have to go to that movie and have a great experience. If they don't, they're going to be less likely to go back."
"There's no one reason for this slump. This convergence of technology and culture, combined with so many options for entertainment, has created a pie with so many slices now. It's tougher and tougher to grab a piece."
"The fall season is starting in a terrific fashion."
"The track record of horror films tells you maybe Hollywood should just release horror movies to be successful. I can't think of a more consistently performing genre at the box office."
"You look at the fact that DVD sales are down and it tells you again that it's product-driven, ... Because why would somebody want to buy a DVD of a movie they didn't want to see in the first place? You still need to have great movies at the beginning of the pipeline and that feeds everything else."
"The industry has to consider whether or not American audiences are sending a message about the quality of the movies they are getting - or just the way and the place in which they get them. You can bet that producers, writers, directors, and studio heads are all huddling intensely to consider what this means and change their behavior to keep it from continuing."
"Home entertainment, video-gaming, downloading music, surfing the Internet you name it. But are we at a tipping point in terms of people's habits? That remains to be seen."
"The potential for Imax is tremendous."
"Audiences are obviously in the mood for some light-hearted films."

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