Glenn Loury Quotes

4 Glenn Loury quotes:

"That just happened overnight because of the exposure and people being interested in those ideas, ... It just came my way - it really wasn't something that I sought, but when the opportunity presented itself, I did take it."
Author: Loury Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"The facilities are magnificent, the campus is beautiful - I even like living four days a week in Providence, which I never thought I was going to do,"
Author: Loury Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"This is a very exciting place, ... The potential to do something here seemed to be really quite great and I was persuaded after talking with the leadership at the University ... that the kind of thing that I wanted to do on race and inequality would be perfect here. It just seemed too good of an opportunity to pass up."
Author: Loury Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"It was a terrible thing, ... The bottom line is that I was involved with a young woman and it went sour, and some allegations which were not true about me assaulting her were made."
Author: Loury Quotes Category: Women Quotes

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