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Sarunas Jasikevicius Quotes

6 Sarunas Jasikevicius quotes:

"I want to be a point guard; I believe that's my position. I don't mind playing two-guard, but I wasn't very comfortable there, and it was noticeable in my play."
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"I would like to have some kind of role on this team, there's no question about it but ultimately we help Pacers to win, ... Don't get me wrong. I would like to play. I would like to play a lot. That's not a question. But we're one month away from the season, and there's so much more important stuff than your role on the team. If you're in shape, if you come ready to play, if you take care of your body, then that other stuff will take care of itself. I really believe that."
"Sometimes we prove we're a resilient bunch and get through all these problems and show how good we can be. Sometimes we're not so good. Lately we've been all right. Lately our attitude and how we approach the game has been much better. We just have to keep fighting and hopefully we can get the guys healthy and make a run."
"I think there's a lot of uncertainty about the trade, let's be honest. It's not helping us out, that's for sure."
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"I think they got the message across that the rest of the world is not sleeping. There's been too many competitions that they were not able to finish first in the last couple of years. . . . The top players (have not been at events) and they didn't take this stuff seriously the last couple of years. They should have been punished already for it in Sydney."
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"We can give up talent for team chemistry. Team chemistry is more important than talent. We definitely have enough talent to go very far."

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