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"Elections have been done in some places, and we deal with that in a positive way. For places which have not held their primaries, we will find a suitable solution."
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"It was a good meeting, ... We discussed the (Gaza) agreement reached yesterday. We discussed the continuation of such meetings."
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"We are all in agreement that Jerusalem has to be included in the election. And if it is not included, all the factions agree that there will be no elections."
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"These are days of glory,"
Author: Abbas Quotes Category: Glory Quotes
"lack of support for the government's policies; harsh and dangerous domestic incitement against the government and the obstruction of its functions, and unjustified accusations that the government and the prime minister had the motive of either having control over everything or nothing."
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"We hope that we can reach a satisfactory solution for us, because it's important to have full freedom for people to come in and out, ... This subject is under serious discussion, but there is no agreement at this time ... We hope that we can reach solutions for all the crossings very soon."
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"We're back to square one. Now we need time to regain calm. Our people need a quiet life and to make a living."
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"We cannot build foundations of a state without rule of law."
"This is a big responsibility that must be studied carefully."
"You either provide me support so that I can be loyal to this trust you have put in me, or you take it back,"
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"Unfortunately, the pressures have begun and the support and the aid started to decrease ... therefore, we are currently in a real financial crisis."
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"Today we are getting part of the payoff of your sacrifice, by seeing the last settlers leaving Gaza. The credit for the evacuation is for you and for the martyrs who sacrificed themselves and gave their lives for the homeland."
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"All the officers, soldiers and security personnel are asked not to abide by these decisions and to consider them null and void."
Author: Abbas Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"We have an opportunity and it would be irresponsible if we, the Israelis, or the world allow it to slip away,"
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"I am convinced that we could sign a peace accord in less than a year."
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"We are trying to lead our people to a just peace and to security, and we want to pave the way for the next generations."
Author: Abbas Quotes Category: Peace Quotes
"The situation along the border is stable and the chaos we saw in the past few days is over,"
Author: Abbas Quotes Category: Chaos Quotes
"We cannot build a viable state with a country that is disintegrating into small pieces."
"There are now grave doubts"
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"No state on earth can afford to allow several authorities to co-exist next to one another."
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