Mark Phelan Quotes

5 Mark Phelan quotes:

"We designed Nationwide L-Inc with maximization of allowable income in mind."
Author: Phelan Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"If lifetime income is the primary need and potential inflation protection is secondary, there's Nationwide L-Inc. If principal protection is initially more important with the opportunity to draw lifetime income later, there's CPPLI."
Author: Phelan Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"I'd have to give a lot of credit to our safety program for 2005, asking drivers to slow down."
Author: Phelan Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"We realize peace of mind for many couples comes from knowing a spouse will be taken care of financially. Nationwide L-Inc guarantees a surviving spouse will receive a lifetime income stream."
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"Ultimately, the responsibility rests with the drivers, and they seemed to respond to the message we were putting out."

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