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15 Rod Thorn quotes:

"After consulting with several noted specialists, we felt that rescinding the trade is our best course of action."
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"Wilt scoring 100, to me, that's the greatest thing ever done as far as an individual achievement in the game. I don't think you ever take anything away from that. But what Kobe did in the modern day era is unbelievable to me."
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"No, we're not getting rid of our coach. I think our coach does a terrific job. I'm very happy with our coach."
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"It was a confidential conversation, and I don't really want to comment on it."
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"All things being equal, you want people that want to play for you. The determination is, what does he have left in his game?"
"He probably won't play until after Christmas. We want him to be 100 percent."
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"We had a lot of question marks at this time last year. When Kenyon left, that really hurt, and there was a question as to what was going to transpire with Jason."
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"He's a good shooter, he's a force down low and draws a lot of fouls. We feel he's a player who can play in our rotation and help us."
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"I'm happy to hear that, obviously. Since he's come back [from surgery], he seems to be happy. No. 1, his leg is better and there seems to be no trepidation. And I think he was very happy when we traded for Vince Carter, as he said, a big time player."
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"He was a big piece to our puzzle and a quality player. So if it works out that we don't complete the trade, then we've lost a quality player."
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"He had a knee operation when he was in high school. He's never missed a game with the knee problem in the N.B.A.; never missed a practice or game. The only thing he's ever missed any games for in the N.B.A. was for an elbow operation."
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"I think with Dajuan, he's obviously a very talented young man,"
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"[Carter, acquired Friday in a blockbuster trade with the Raptors, is still recovering from a strained Achilles heel injury and probably won't suit up for New Jersey until Dec. 27, Nets president Rod Thorn said Monday.] He probably won't play until after Christmas, ... We want him to be 100 percent."
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"We will get what we have to get. We're not going to trade those three guys."
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"Don't have any plans to trade him. I'd never say we wouldn't trade anybody but I don't have any plans to trade him. We have indicated (to other teams) that we probably are not going to trade him."
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