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31 Rush Limbaugh quotes:

"We are born to action; and whatever is capable of suggesting and guiding action has power over us from the first."
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"Why is it today that we seem to be afraid of urging kids on to excellence and achievement? Our society is more inclined to let kids develop at their own pace-not push them too hard"
"I don't need equal time, I am equal time!"
"The difference between Los Angeles and yogurt is that yogurt comes with less fruit."
"Feminism was established to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream."
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"Ronald Reagan was the greatest president of the twentieth century."
"You know why there's a Second Amendment? In case the government fails to follow the first one."
"Character matters; leadership descends from character."
"Compassion is no substitute for justice."
"No nation ever taxed itself into prosperity."
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"There's a simple way to solve the crime problem: obey the law; punish those who do not."
"You could afford your house without the government if it weren't for the government."
"If you commit a crime, you're guilty."
"Did you know that the White House drug test is multiple choice?"
"Poverty is not the root cause of crime."
"The Los Angeles riots were not caused by the Rodney King verdict. The Los Angeles riots were caused by rioters."
"If Thomas Jefferson thought taxation without representation was bad, he should see how it is with representation."
"Football is like life and I know life."
"Enraging liberals is simply one of the more enjoyable side effects of my wisdom."
"I must be honest. I can only read so many paragraphs of a New York Times story before I puke."

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