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12 Nishi Silva quotes:

"Time is the best solution for every problem."
Author: Silva Quotes Category: Advice Quotes
"Do not come to decisions watching the strings someone talking in public...There may be millions of reasons hidden under those comments and statements... :)"
Author: Silva Quotes Category: Advice Quotes
"It is very valid for everything in this world,what Newton said in his third law,"Every Action Has a Reaction in which magnitude is the same and the direction is opposite"."
Author: Silva Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"Loneliness makes you a good thinker!"
Author: Silva Quotes Category: Achievement Quotes
"Get educated as much as possible in your life time.Being educated along with intelligence which has come with your birth lead to improvement of Wisdom that ultimately makes you to get rid of every questions and problems during this endless series of lives.That is a ground breaking task which has to be practiced through lives we have been passed,but at least we can give a try to understand the truth behind it."
Author: Silva Quotes Category: Education Quotes
"Be wait till your best time comes, it is ahead. Cease your painful moments with hope of happiness in next moment. Be happy, good you have done will come to you in next second, your sadness will be gone with suffering of your enemies who want to chop you over your innocence."
Author: Silva Quotes Category: Expectation Quotes
"Life experience provides us feedback of our lives.On the other hand,trying to become an experienced person puts you in danger.We should let our selves get experience by the time only when your life is ready to provide it on the right time with the right people."
Author: Silva Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"Sometimes I feel if I could fly away like a bird in the sky.Sometimes I feel if I could disappear like a thunder once after lightening the sky.Sometimes I feel if I could vanish like a rain drop falling from the sky.But all these thoughts make me feel that I want to run away from all the questions in my life, dragging me again to the first position feeling that I want to achieve what I need to achieve being in this life itself.Yes that is all my duty during this life time..."
Author: Silva Quotes Category: Courage Quotes
"You will hear the birds' songs, only when you listen to it.You will learn everything, only when you want to learn it.You will find anything, only when you want to search for it.You will see the beauty, only when you want to see it.You will feel the life, only when you want to live.But,You will understand true love,only when you are helpless."
Author: Silva Quotes Category: Enthusiasm Quotes
"You are the only best friend of yourself. Because you are the only one who knows about yourself as no one else does. So believe in yourself when you happen to make a decision of your own life keeping in mind that you are the best person to decide about your own life since you love yourself than you do others."
Author: Silva Quotes Category: Best Friends Quotes
"Everything will be done by people till they are able.But there will be a time when they cannot do what they want to do,there will be a time they don't receive what they want etc.It is the ending age of our lives,that is the time people distinguish good and bad exactly.What I believe is,I need not to keep the empty places in my life where I would repent some day reminiscing the events during the life..."
Author: Silva Quotes Category: Bad Quotes
"Actions as a result of hatred give us a temporary satisfaction. But,It is better if we can be patient enough to watch the person suffering who deserves guilt.Because,patience adjusts us to be relieved both physically and mentally."
Author: Silva Quotes Category: Guilt Quotes

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