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7 Stuart Eizenstat quotes:

"This is a major achievement which will reverberate through our museums, galleries, auction houses and in the homes and hearts of those families who may now have the chance to have returned what is rightfully theirs."
"In many cases well past the point where, from the Allied perspective at the time, there was a genuine threat of German attack,"
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"We are closer to an agreement than we were before and both sides have shown flexibility, ... critical stage."
"What they want is a substantial degree of comfort, ... We're working on trying to provide a necessary degree of comfort."
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"Swiss banks have taken a number of steps to redress past mistakes and provide assistance to Holocaust survivors."
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"has the potential to rank ... as a landmark event."
"This agreement does not end moral responsibility for the Holocaust. Nothing can erase the memory of those who died or the culture and potential achievements lost or the suffering of those who survived."

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