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Andrew Cooper Quotes

7 Andrew Cooper quotes:

"They're popular but the rub is voters ultimately don't think they'll have power. They get a protest vote when all is said and done."
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"If they start advocating tax rises and take a stand against nuclear power, there will start to be serious resistance. It's fine if the whole project seems to be working; people who're upset will shut up. But if it's not working, it could really become a serious problem."
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"As the last three leaders found out, the first few months are relatively easy. If the polls don't stay strong, there'll be more and more pressure in the party. It's very difficult."
"The Conservatives have a yearning to find a strong charismatic leader who will solve all their problems. They've decided to shut their eyes and put their faith in Cameron."
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"We feel it would be inappropriate for us to race."
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I think Pierre Pettigrew has had trouble finding space to flourish, and it appears that will be an ongoing problem."
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"It was the juxtaposition of his speech, which was electrifying, with a lackluster David Davis speech. They don't want another leader who they suspect will be embarrassing in public."
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