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18 Stephen Fleming quotes:

"The substitute also means that the team that wins the toss starts the match with a distinct advantage."
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"That we have been here for 10 days is an advantage. This is a place which takes getting used to. The day may start mildly, but the afternoon can cause burn in the lungs."
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"We're now determined to win 5-0, which we would rate very highly as an achievement."
"We haven't got one eye on South Africa, we've got both eyes firmly on the next Test and if we can keep improving in each area then we'll go to the Republic in good shape."
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"I don't think they think too much of our cricket from the comments that have come out. I guess they don't see too much of us on TV. It always seems to be the case with teams that tour here - they don't really rate us... we've got to prove to them we're a pretty good side at home."
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"They've been playing a level of cricket which makes you hard because Australia push you to the limit. South Africa had some good performances in isolation, but they needed a bit more."
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"I did it in the last series against Smith because we saw an emotion that we could tap into ... I won't be doing it to Marcus."
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"We won't compromise the game. Certainly from my point of view we can't afford to, we're not that good."
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"We'll try to play on that little lack of confidence at the top of their batting order and Shane will be a threat even on a flat pitch because he's fast and he swings the ball."
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"We need an improvement in the third Test (against the West Indies), and if we finish playing six Tests still improving, then it's going to be a good series in the Republic."
"We are very keen to know about ourselves and understanding our own players rather than worry about the opponents. This is a thing which a lot other teams ignore."
"It's an inflammation injury that will settle down with a period of rest, we haven't been able to get him enough rest. I don't think it's a career-threatening injury, just annoying."
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"We may have been a bit too aggressive but once again we have found ourselves in a position of strength. A 140-run lead, and if we put another 60 on, a 200-run lead is very handy and a good position to be."
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"It's been a bit of a struggle over the last month to get across the line, so I am pleased to have converted."
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"I don't function 100% because i sleep too much"
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"There's been a dependency on Shane with his strike power and the guys have been following up rather than taking the lead."
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"I am more concerned about how my team is doing rather than worry about the opposition,"
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"We're pretty happy, it was a good performance."

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