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Dick Cheney Quotes

49 Dick Cheney quotes:

"In both of these cases, these measures came up under suspended rules"
Author: Cheney Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"has a direct bearing on the quality of the administration that follows it."
Author: Cheney Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"The party's united. Our purpose is clear. Our cause is just,"
Author: Cheney Quotes Category: Purpose Quotes
"I want to avoid personal attacks, ... I promise not to make fun of your singing."
Author: Cheney Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"The terrorists came to believe that they could strike America without paying any price,"
Author: Cheney Quotes Category: America Quotes
"because he didn't like their intelligence reports."
"I had communications with the president, communications with the Pentagon, Secret Service and so forth. And we could continue to operate there, and if I left, I'd lose all that,"
Author: Cheney Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"We still have, I think, a society where we haven't done enough yet to live up to that standard that we'd all like to live up to, I think, in terms of equality of opportunity, that we judge people as individuals. As Martin Luther King said, we ought to judge people on the content of their character instead of the color of their skin. I would hope that we can continue to make progress in that regard in the years ahead."
Author: Cheney Quotes Category: Society Quotes
"This is the good part of the speech,"
Author: Cheney Quotes Category: Speech Quotes
"[In addition,] younger workers are understandably concerned about whether Social Security will be around when they need it, ... This is more than a problem to be solved. It's also an opportunity."
Author: Cheney Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"supporting the status quo, because we thought the status quo would bring us security and would bring us stability. Sept. 11 just changed that in a way that's irreversible for us."
Author: Cheney Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"Senator Kerry denounces American action when other countries don't approve -- as if the whole object of our foreign policy were to please a few persistent critics,"
Author: Cheney Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"Direct threats require decisive action."
Author: Cheney Quotes Category: Action Quotes American Vicepresident Quotes
"We realize that Congress will work its will, ... A legislative process will move forward here. We intend to work with Congress to perfect the bill as it unfolds here."
Author: Cheney Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"He will, as he said he would, consult widely with our Congress, with our friends and allies around the world."
Author: Cheney Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"helping to frame the most important debate of the post-9/11 era."
Author: Cheney Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"Part of the problem here is that instead of having a substantive debate over important substantive policy issues, he had challenged my integrity, and I didn't like that. But most of all I didn't like the fact that after he'd done so, then he wanted to act like everything was peaches and cream."
Author: Cheney Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"We will ... succeed at getting a democracy established in Iraq. And I think, when we do, that will be the end of the insurgency."
Author: Cheney Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"but we're also going to want new talent. We're going to want to emphasize diversity. We're going to want a broad Cabinet."
Author: Cheney Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"Yet there is no doubt of our nation's strength. This is a tribute above all to the American worker and entrepreneur ... productivity in the past four quarters has been very impressive. Higher productivity, of course, leads to wage increases and even greater investment and even more jobs down the line,"
Author: Cheney Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes

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