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"Timing the Trade is a practical how-to trading manual written by an experienced trader. It's a book that can be understood by beginners and appreciated by market veterans."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Trade Quotes
"I look to the west over the Liberty Memorial and the north over downtown. You can talk and read about the revitalization of downtown, but I can actually see it happen."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Liberty Quotes
"Although York was not explicit about the Suzuki equity stake in his January 10th speech, his aim appears to build up a cash hoard necessary to restructure GM."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Speech Quotes
"That's what practice rounds are for."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"Normally, it is not open to the public, only to policemen and officials attached to police forces. But, in my case, they made an exception. My tour guides were the home secretary, the commissioner of Scotland Yard, the deputy commissioner and various and sundry chief superintendents. The man who operated the"
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"The stock looks very oversold at this particular point. Probably worth looking at."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Worth Quotes
"It's the same that judges did before (the 1996 law). They are not required to make findings any more. We have a lot of problems with people appealing sentences with the idea the judge imposing the sentence didn't do it right."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"She was a good, loyal employee, and she loved the Telegram. She was just a fountain of knowledge about the Telegram and everything happening in Superior."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Knowledge Quotes

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