Chone Figgins Quotes

5 Chone Figgins quotes:

"Stealing 50 bases is a great accomplishment; I credit my work ethic. I thanked all of my teammates because they let me steal the bases in front of them."
"They have to really be on their toes. The outfielders have to charge balls, the catcher's got to be wary of blocking balls, pitchers have to pick at the corners, and when they pick, that means throwing more pitches."
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"That's my job, to try and get on base. I'm not used to doing things like that."
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"We chip away and chip away. That's just the way we play. We keep putting runners on and keep putting pressure on people."
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"You lose maybe an hour sleep doing it, ... It's tough, but it's worth it. I get to eat mom's cooking."
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