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Cappie Pondexter Quotes

7 Cappie Pondexter quotes:

"She's been a believer is me. I've gotten strength through her; she's been a leader to me. She grew up in the South and went through some tough times. She never finished grammar school, but she's going to get her diploma soon."
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"It comes down to a lack of focus and discipline. Like coach stresses time and time again, we have the elements. It's just a matter of us collectively putting it together. I mean, it can't come from her, it's just a mindset that we have to have. It comes from us. There's no more that she can give us."
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"The last month or so, we really started playing our type of basketball."
"It's hard. I've just got to move on."
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"It's definitely an accomplishment, but we can't settle on the win. We just look at it as a step toward the Big East title. It was big to come in here and win. It was the first time in history. We can't put everything on this game, they still have to come to our place. We still have to come here for the Big East tournament, so there's still a lot in front of us."
"Coach [C. Vivian Stringer] told us before it even started that it was going to come down to the last seconds."
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"I guess that's how the basketball gods wanted it to be. When it comes around, we're going to be ready."

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