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Karl Hobbs Quotes

9 Karl Hobbs quotes:

"For me, it doesn't mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of the whole season. It's a great accomplishment at this juncture, and Thursday night, if you lose, it doesn't mean anything."
Author: Hobbs Quotes Category: Achievement Quotes
"He loves the college life. If he wasn't an athlete and had an opportunity to play professionally, he would be one of those guys who would stay in college and try to get four or five degrees."
Author: Hobbs Quotes Category: College Quotes
"This has to rank as the number one game since I've been coaching. To end in such a dramatic fashion on these guys' Senior Day, you couldn't ask for a better way to close it out. They deserve full credit for it. They worked hard all game."
Author: Hobbs Quotes Category: Fashion Quotes
"Let's have some poise. Let's have some patience."
Author: Hobbs Quotes Category: Patience Quotes
"It's hard to say you're not happy at 26-1. It's incredible when you put this in proper perspective what these guys have done."
Author: Hobbs Quotes Category: Perspective Quotes
"There ain't a whole lot of difference between the talent of my team and these teams. That's what makes it so amazing, what these guys have accomplished."
Author: Hobbs Quotes Category: Talent Quotes
"Temple played a fantastic game. The elder statesman (Temple coach John Chaney) really showed that he knows how to get his team up and he knows how to prepare them for an important basketball game. They did a terrific job not allowing us to score."
Author: Hobbs Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"I thought we played very well. Both teams were trying to force their will and style on each other. Obviously, Carl Elliott hit some big shots."
Author: Hobbs Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"Teams are funny. Sometimes you take two steps forward and take a step back. And you take four steps ahead and two steps back. I am trying to get to the point where we are not taking any steps back in any area."
Author: Hobbs Quotes Category: Funny Quotes

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