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"It's an accomplishment and a lot of these guys on the team have been a part of all of them, ... It's great for the guys and definitely a very positive thing."
"Like everyone in America, we're a little thin particularly on the defensive side. So we'll have to limit things on Saturday. We still hope to have a game format with a running clock and so forth. If we hold up we should be able to get that done. If we get a little more banged up we may have to adjust."
"No doubt about it, it was the sweetest victory I've ever been a part of. I could not be prouder of a football team than I am of those guys."
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"Thomas and Ryan decided to go in a different direction. We appreciate the contribution they made to the team while they were here and we wish them well."
"Just about everyone we recruited had a BCS school (scholarship) offer. That was our competition this year. Other than in-state competition with BYU, we had very little competition with Mountain West schools. It was all BCS schools, which is a good thing."
"We've got to get every athlete in the program bigger, faster and stronger between now and August. We've got to have a heck of a summer conditioning program."
"We should have put the game away long before that."
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"It's for disciplinary reasons, and his future with the team will be pending the resolution of his issues."
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"We have three guys who are ready right now, in my opinion. And one guy that's hurt."
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"We played about 55 minutes of very good football,"
"Players have changes of heart all the time and for whatever reason they decided they want to go in a different direction. . . . For whatever reason they've made the decision to take their game and their education ? whatever the case may be ? elsewhere. I'm not sure if they're going to play anymore or not. It's up to them. I haven't talked to them about that."
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"You can never have enough quality front guys. All you've gotta do is have a couple of years where you're not too good up front to teach you the value of being strong on both lines. It's something we never want to have, a situation here where we are weak up front. That being the case, we probably allot more scholarships up front than other schools for that very reason."
"It was a great victory,"
"It hurts. You don't want to lose players. We'll definitely feel the effects, but team rules and regulations are more important."
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"He was doing a nice job. He was making some plays."
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"I thought Daryl Poston was a bright spot, he obviously has great speed, great quickness. He had ball-security issues last year, but he appears to have those corrected. If he can hang on to the ball and do what he did (Saturday) this fall, then we might have ourselves another 1,000-yard back."
"He just can't sleep,"
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"No questions asked. Just bring them back and go on your way. I won't even bother to worry about who did it or why."
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"We've got to be able to take a game and put it away when we have the opportunity. It's the sign of a young defense. By game four now, we should be starting to grow up a little bit."

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