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"We took advantage of every break we got. We took advantage of our odd-numbered situations that we haven't previously taken advantage of in Game 3 and Game 4. The good chances they gave us, we made sure we finished. We made sure that we got them down when we had the opportunity."
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"They just never quit. They battle through adversity and don't quit. ... Again, we demonstrated a lot of resilience and made enough plays."
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"They just never quit. They battle through adversity. The message is when you're dealt tough cards you give it your all and you go until the last whistle."
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"I think it's a heck of an accomplishment. It's a mark nobody would have expected at the start of the year. ... It's something they should be proud of."
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"Our execution and passing wasn't very good. We had a couple of guys on a couple of shifts who couldn't handle the puck, and it disrupted the whole power play."
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"The first seven minutes was as poorly as I've seen us play in a while. Our execution, our passing . . . we weren't crisp. We weren't alert. We deserved what we got."
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"We played them pretty even for most of the game. But our execution was not very good."
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"We are definitely disappointed. Our execution wasn't very good."
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"A lot of mannerisms remind me of his dad, kind of the way he skates and the fact he's a real smart player. He really thinks the game well."
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"It makes for an interesting three days. You can have a lot of emotion spill over. Really, it's going to feel like the start of a playoff series, and not that often do you get that situation in our league."
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"I'm very appreciative from ownership all the way down, the faith they've shown,"
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"I'm very appreciative from ownership all the way down — the faith they've shown, ... I really like what the team has done and I appreciate the message they've sent and what they've tried to do. ... But it's knowing that we have a job to do every day and this business is all about winning."
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"He wasn't out, but he wasn't there. I had a conversation with him and it was more like a conversation with myself."
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"He was solid. He saw everything and was totally under control. He gave us momentum."
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"As a team, there's nights when you need his enthusiasm, you need that desire to go through anybody. His fearless attitude on the ice is something that keeps other teams on their toes. There's nights you just can't have another player do that. He's full bore, straight ahead, and the first guy there when there's trouble for any of his teammates."
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"We've got a lot of decisions to make,"
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"I liked the way he played the game. He really had a sound game. I'm getting happy with where the team's at right now."
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"There's no quit in our team. Check our record, the number of games we've won when we've been down by a goal. You've got to give the guys credit. The number of guys we've had go out of the lineup at key times and the number of guys who have stepped up ... you've got to give every guy in that room credit for battling through adversity and doing it every night."
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"He's anxious to play. He's cleared for physical stuff in practice, which we're giving him a pretty good dose of today. . . . I wouldn't rule him out for later in the week."
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"You believe you can make it every year. You don't think it's going to end. But the reality is that most teams, you end up in, you end up out."
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