Jeanne Pyle Quotes

3 Jeanne Pyle quotes:

"It was awfully hard on my mother. She had trouble facing it, ... She was a farm girl and never hardly out this part country, but she went clear to California on a train to see what she could find out. They had services while she was out there, for her sake. They even had a plot in a soldiers' cemetery and had a stone for him there."
Author: Pyle Quotes Category: Mother Quotes
"It would be exciting, in a sad way. We've been living with an empty feeling for so long. It would be nice to finally resolve this."
Author: Pyle Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"He was very sweet on a little girl from Wheeling, and they were planning to get married ... but he didn't make it, ... They were truly in love with each other."
Author: Pyle Quotes Category: Planning Quotes

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