Koren Robinson Quotes

14 Koren Robinson quotes:

"I'm real shocked. It's real tacky. We just won the game. You don't do business like that. I wanted him to be here, and I wanted to play for him. But who knows what's going to happen."
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"Let's face it, I could have killed myself, and my family, my mother who means so much to me, would have spent the rest of her life mourning me. Or worse yet, I could have killed some innocent people and their families would have then suffered a great loss. Lay awake at night and think about that for a while. If that doesn't scare you, then something's wrong with you."
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"I wasn't sure I'd get another chance. As we got closer to the season I was beginning to wonder."
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"I left college early, I was immature, ... You go through certain things, but you learn from them and it builds character. I feel like everything happens for a reason, and I feel like God was putting me through those things to get me to the point right here and I feel like I am a better person. With me becoming a better person, out there on the field it is going to do nothing but benefit me."
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"If I'm a better man than I am a football player, well, that's just fine."
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"I'm just happy, ... Happy that I can get the opportunity to do something I love, that's to play football. When someone tries to take something away from you that you love, it really makes you think about how special it is."
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"Ted's my guy. I love Ted. He was trying pretty hard, ... But I had to go with my heart, though. I couldn't sleep that night. Everything sounded good, and I wanted to go back with Ted, but I felt in my heart that Minnesota came first and tried to get me. I was available, and Minnesota was the front-runner for showing me some love, showing me some interest, so I had to go with them. I'm happy with my decision."
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"I don't want to dwell on the past, but I have to always think about it. I don't want to experience that feeling or be in that place anymore."
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"In the locker room? Right after a game you just won? Give the man respect enough to wait until Monday to enjoy the win at least."
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"I told him, 'My man. Play my man,'"
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"It's an odd way to find out. (They) can't even give the man respect enough to wait until Monday and enjoy the win at least."
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"I knew I wasn't just going to come in and start. I had to be willing to drop my pride and ego and all those things and be willing to do anything to help the team."
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"We wish we were playing for something, but we're playing for pride and that's a big thing in itself. Also, just to let 'em know that, hey, if things worked out a little differently, this is what y'all would've got."
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: Pride Quotes
"To have someone like coach Tice call you and say they'll give me an opportunity once you get out of there, it's that much better to go in and do what you have to do and get out of there,"

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