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"He did a wonderful job, ... He cut his motor once, which sounded like he was in trouble."
Author: Prince Quotes Category: Trouble Quotes
"Our extensive service capabilities and outstanding platform base in support of waste management activities at U.S. nuclear power plants make it a natural progression for us to move into management of high-level waste,"
Author: Prince Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"The best part came the next morning ù I was the last man, the rear guard, when we delivered the last of the prisoners to safety, ... 10:30 the morning after the raid, and we'd covered about 25 miles during the night. Mucci arrived [with the first prisoners] at our lines at about 8 o'clock, so it took us about 2 ? hours to straggle in."
Author: Prince Quotes Category: Man Quotes
"This certification further expands the Company's capabilities as a full-service manager of low-level radioactive waste and expands our Commercial Processing Group's base business. DOE customers now have the means to certify and ship many of their difficult waste streams for disposal at NTS through Duratek."
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