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Jay Feely Quotes

6 Jay Feely quotes:

"I didn't look up. I had a feeling they were doing something like that because I heard the music and it was kind of eerie. I couldn't subject myself to that."
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"The music was eerie, so I figured they were playing something like that. I tried to visualize what I needed to do."
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"This was a night when the special teams had to come through. It doesn't mean a whole lot, but it gives our team confidence in their kicker - and maybe it moves me up in some fantasy league drafts."
Author: Feely Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"I'm not going to stop being aggressive, ... I was very frustrated with our kick coverage Sunday night. That was a big play. I spent time with the coaches to see how we can be better and part of it is being down there to help out. If I'm back there on the 50, I don't see how that's going to help us get better. It might make matters worse."
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"This is what being a man is all about. Being able to accept when you don't come through. When I make a mistake with my kids at home, I sit them down and say I am sorry I made a mistake and I am going to be a better dad. And you do the same thing with your job."
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"When you have the opportunity to win a game for your team and the game is on the line and you don't come through, you feel like you let your team down. And to now get a chance to somewhat redeem myself and come back and help us win a tough game that we needed is important."
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