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"The intensity of the debate on ULL pricing suggests that after seven years of regulation, competition is finally gaining some traction."
Author: Samuel Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"Even with Toll's proposed undertakings, significant detrimental effects on competition are still likely to arise."
Author: Samuel Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"Although Toll did offer undertakings relating to rail, the information available indicated to the ACCC that these undertakings were not sufficient to address the competition concerns."
Author: Samuel Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"In particular, there are concerns arising because of the strength of a combined Toll-Patrick across a large number of related areas in the transport sector."
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"A merger of the second and third largest suppliers of architectural and decorative paint has the potential to lead to a significant reduction in competition and increased prices."
Author: Samuel Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"The ACCC maintains that regardless of a creditor having a potential further right of access to the courts, the Trade Practices Act 1974 precludes the creditor from misleading consumers about their rights when pursuing the debt in the meantime by claiming or suggesting it is entitled to the outstanding monies."
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