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"A lot of ads that companies thought would work online aren't. Advertisers are now looking for results."
"Her relationship with advertisers is pretty tenuous and she's got to be careful how she handles it."
"Advertisers still want to avoid controversy."
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"The reality is that it probably has no negative impact on advertisers. The only thing that (advertisers) really worried about is the publicity that comes from those special interest groups going against that kind of show, and sort of tarring them with the same brush."
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"We're used to seeing a radio station turn around in one rating period. You change the talent, the ratings go up, your revenues follow and you've made a fortune out of it. Television, unfortunately, is going to take a couple of years to get most of that around."
"Anytime you do a movie with a cost of $200 million, you have a risk."
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"It would have been a surprise if 'Scary Movie' hadn't been No. 1. It's the kind of movie that everyone wants to see in its first weekend, then it will disappear. It's when (the Weinstein Co.) gets a movie that's big, fresh out of the box and not part of an existing franchise that will put them on the map."
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