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"It's a fundamental feature of Canada and I've suggested that he should apologize to Mr. Ouellet,"
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"The Government of Canada continues to work with Canadians to research and develop clean energy solutions and innovative approaches to energy production, ... By supporting projects such as the Integrated Waste Hydrogen Utilization Project, we can help build a solid foundation for moving forward on climate change and ensuring our future prosperity. These measures also support Project Green, the Government of Canada's action plan to build a more sustainable environment."
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"I think that's reflected in the comment of the union leader who said Mr. Dingwall was worth every penny he got. So he clearly did a very good job at the mint."
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"The government has come to the conclusion that that is the appropriate amount that he should receive."
"These stamps, with their colourful and action-packed designs, are sure to appeal to young Canadians, ... In this, the International Year of Sport and Physical Education, I hope that these stamps will encourage kids to look at the benefits of being involved with sports and with stamp collecting."
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"You know I just want to find my parents, and give them a hug for allowing me to be able to be here, and not go through something like that, because that is just something terrible, what they are experiencing right now, and just the fact that I was able to go down and help is great."
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"I've been there and I've done that. We had ready-made proposals in procurement and service delivery which we already used. We really only had to find $5 billion, and he has to find $22 billion, fast. And they're going to tell him the only way you can do that is to lay off people."
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