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14 Robin Oakley quotes:

"(Blair) was saying that one way or another inaction was not a possibility -- there has to be action of one kind or another."
Author: Oakley Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"Quite a lot of agreement exists on the general principle of avoiding the over-production of food."
Author: Oakley Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"Basically, he has to go back to the drawing board ... to have another go at it, ... It's not a crisis or a complete disaster. It's a mess and it's a humiliation."
Author: Oakley Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"It has dominated the media, ... There is deep worry about the image of the British army and deep worry about the effect on Iraqi elections."
"For him to lecture these applicant countries or these accepted members on their way in was really behavior like the worst of what the French complain about in the United States,"
Author: Oakley Quotes Category: Behavior Quotes
"The Jewish community in Europe is much heartened by this conference. They felt European leaders were in denial about the increase in anti-Semitic attacks,"
Author: Oakley Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"incredible charm offensive ... (which) is starting to show dividends."
Author: Oakley Quotes Category: Charming Quotes
"These situations are always incredibly difficult for prime ministers and government, but so far there's been no public outcry against Blair for refusing to deal with terrorists,"
Author: Oakley Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"They are now talking much more about the suffering of the Iraqi people. The British government used to say nothing of regime change, ... both (leaders) need a second U.N. resolution."
Author: Oakley Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"stricter standards applied to those who influence impressionable young people."
Author: Oakley Quotes Category: Influence Quotes
"Although he has reaffirmed his readiness to work with European leaders in the Balkans --"
"There's a lot of breast thumping as leaders take up their negotiation positions, and certainly Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder have indicated that this summit could turn into a real standoff,"
"(Blair) looking to jumpstart the Middles East peace process."
Author: Oakley Quotes Category: Peace Quotes
"Bush will be there to show that the rest of the world is still interested in this peace process and to kick it along."
Author: Oakley Quotes Category: Peace Quotes

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