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Laura Bush Quotes

57 Laura Bush quotes:

"That victory continues to inspire liberty-loving people across the globe,"
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Liberty Quotes
"One of the things I brought upstairs to the long hall that's upstairs in the living quarters is a beautiful French desk that Jackie Kennedy brought into the White House in 1962. And for the president's Treaty Room, which is the office upstairs in the residence, I brought in Grant's furniture, which George really likes."
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"Everyone supports stem-cell research and so did the president and there are embryonic lines for research. It's a very delicate balance between what we want to do for science and for research and what is ethically and morally right to do."
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"I came today to thank the troops and their families and their loved ones for the sacrifice,"
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Sacrifice Quotes
"represent the worst of humankind."
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Humankind Quotes
"We're going to have the first one, and then we'll see how it goes. We started the Texas Book Festival six years ago in Austin, and it's become institutionalized as an annual event at the Texas capitol. So I expect this will be very successful here."
"Children will be very welcoming, ... It's an opportunity for them to meet children from another part of the country and figure out what ways they can help."
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Children Quotes
"I think it is one of the most beautiful Christmas trees I've ever seen."
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Christmas Quotes
"We're laying the foundation of peace for our children and grandchildren,"
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Children Quotes
"I truly view this as a conflict between good and evil, ... at home you fight evil with acts of kindness."
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Conflict Quotes
"Princess Margaret was a proud mother and grandmother whose compassion and support for charities helped better the lives of many in need, ... Our thoughts and prayers are with her children, grandchildren and the entire royal family."
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Compassion Quotes
"This is what happens when there is a natural disaster of this scope,"
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Disaster Quotes
"human reaction to a terrible, terrible disaster."
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Disaster Quotes
"We need to alert women everywhere about the seriousness of heart disease."
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"You need to do your duty as a son or a daughter and get this information to your mom or your dad, ... That's what you need to do. You need to make sure that you help investigate what's possible and not miss a really good opportunity."
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"in strong bipartisan fashion to approve these additional emergency funds."
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Fashion Quotes
"Absolutely. And I myself want to make sure that the intelligence that we share with our friends and allies is or the intelligence we get from our allies is good, solid intelligence...."
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Intelligence And Intellectuals Quotes Alliances Quotes
"You know, there are a lot of would-be governors of Texas sitting around today who never took the opportunity to get into a race when the time was right."
"I think there are a lot of reasons to be critical of the media in America."
"If I'm just at the White House, I have meetings in my office, I sign letters, I plan different things. Late in the afternoon, I'll quit working and wait for my husband to get home."

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